jeudi 28 mars 2013

Key @Seoul Fashion Week

Key's outfit appreciation, here we go.
As everyone can guess, Key was at the Seoul fashion week.(Just saying... Ren was also there as model. GD and CL was looking fabulous and flawless also. Hyuna was cute in pink.) Anyways, Key looked fabulous both days. Better than the last fashion week he went at some points, in my opinion. His first outfit was kind of weird. I didn't like it that much and wouldn't wear it even tho it's still fashionable. The second outfit got more of my attention. He was wearring classy black outfit with the harness detail that pretty much does the fashionable touch. I just loved how casual but stylish enough this was. Some random oversize jacket with a gray top just to put that amazing leather harness necklace. I'll get mine for sure. Our diva did there such a top yeah.

Key's quote
"Rather than being satisfied, I just like myself. 
I’m not so gorgeous, my body proportions aren’t that amazing like a model’s;
I don’t have the world’s best voice, I’m not the best dancer. 
But you know, I just like myself?”

 Key and Park Hyeong Seop, his model friend. 


A view of both of his outfits. He looks so classy in anything, that's so killing. 

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