lundi 2 septembre 2013

I try to fix my work

I'm  coming with a new link blabling, since I try to fix my photography work and make it look the less cheap I can. I decided to get a portfolio. It is far from perfect but it is a simple way to share and let you see, in some organized way my pictures. Also some way to post them HQ online. I'll just let you guys check it out by yourself, enjoy and let me know your reactions.
It is not something professionnal, it is only something I made for myself and be able to give a serious link to the people who ask about my work, in real life. Something looking "clean" I guess.


You can still follow my work on facebook, with the side square link to my page and let me know anywhere what you think about it. I am trying to improve even more everytime I work and get more creative. 
See you around.

Infinight and I started a youtube channel.


As you may have noticed, I had this project to do someday a youtube channel. This is now something I made with a friend. I don't know, I didn't feel like making this on my own.
Basically we started with a shooting film video which was something I also wanted to do since a long time. It wasn't too bad, in my opinion something we can now try to extend a get better time after time. For the moment, we didn't feel like talking because as you know we are french and our accent got us a bit ashamed. But that will come, soon enough. We continued our youtube channel with some black and white random vlog. Nothing brilliant but it's just some other try. If you feel like we worth viewing then go and share, subscribe and wait for the best to come.

Check out my friend, her blog is one of my fav and basically we are black addicts friends you know.
And check out right here our youtube channel. What's about to come ? Reviews, more vlogs, blabling, our advices shares and fashion stuffs and things like that. 

mercredi 12 juin 2013

I turned 19.

I am now supposed to be a real adult. I am getting old, I think my childish part is still here but I've grew alot this year, regarding all the problems or people I've met, situations and independance, I'm definitely a bit more mature. I am still a child somewhere deep inside but I know, I know I feel a difference even compared to the begining of this year. Something has changed into me. I couldn't really tell what it is but it feels clear inside. I am both feet into a new age and keep my fears and doubts in my pocket. I just try to go. I'll go. 
19 and full of thoughts.

End of school

The end of the year is coming really soon and I'm all done with all the projects and work. I did my best until the end tho and I'm glad it's over. But also, i'm so sad it is, because all the friends i've been meeting this year are going anywhere, far or not, but we're all separated and I have to admit it : It was probably my best school year so far since I've been to school. Art school is just my thing I guess, but also all the people and personnality i've been meeting. What have grown into me, how mature i've became and how I changed. How my sensibility gained a level and the capacity to face problems and joy. 
I am really happy this year turned this way and I feel really bigger that I've been through it. I would like that it last longer, but it's time now to turn a page and go fight for my own future since I've been chosing and working to join Fashion Design. 

The last two weeks of the year was a special project in the major we all applied for, so basically I was doing fashion design only for two weeks. Here are some picture from my Instagram (@TheJupitarian) of what i've been doing. It was my first time sewing and all so i'm not disapointed by myself and tried my best.

Lately I haven't been posting on this blog too much so I decided, since I'm done with school for the year i'm gonna make this beautiful and updated again. I have alot of new posts ideas. Keep in touch if you're interested.

jeudi 28 mars 2013

Key @Seoul Fashion Week

Key's outfit appreciation, here we go.
As everyone can guess, Key was at the Seoul fashion week.(Just saying... Ren was also there as model. GD and CL was looking fabulous and flawless also. Hyuna was cute in pink.) Anyways, Key looked fabulous both days. Better than the last fashion week he went at some points, in my opinion. His first outfit was kind of weird. I didn't like it that much and wouldn't wear it even tho it's still fashionable. The second outfit got more of my attention. He was wearring classy black outfit with the harness detail that pretty much does the fashionable touch. I just loved how casual but stylish enough this was. Some random oversize jacket with a gray top just to put that amazing leather harness necklace. I'll get mine for sure. Our diva did there such a top yeah.

Key's quote
"Rather than being satisfied, I just like myself. 
I’m not so gorgeous, my body proportions aren’t that amazing like a model’s;
I don’t have the world’s best voice, I’m not the best dancer. 
But you know, I just like myself?”

 Key and Park Hyeong Seop, his model friend. 


A view of both of his outfits. He looks so classy in anything, that's so killing. 

ChaeLin for W Korean

Lately, pictures of CL for W korea has been released. They look absolutely stunning. That photoshoot is so inspiring I have to admit it. I just had to blog about that and share such eye candy like that. The baddest female is such a classy model. 

mercredi 20 mars 2013

Spring means new fashion

I don't wear much color, because I'm just addicted to black. Just as you know, black is simple and easy and bla and bla and bla... So i'm just comfortable in black. But lately I felt like trying something a bit different. Not too crazy as you can see lol, I'm not breaking all the habits with myself it stills involve some black. But that top that I forgot about for like few years is poping out before I decide to just sell it. Here it is....

Fashion update for a warm day. Colorful outfit.
My top color for the spring : Fluo green. I wanna try that color.

vendredi 15 mars 2013

Also a quick fashion update from a recent lookbook post.

Last not so black shopping. The ombre gray jeans from h&m. It is nice to highlight some outfit for spring and still into my ususal tones. I keep trying these on with many outfits.

Music and Inspiration

Brown eyed girl.

Through all the kpop there's one band that got me into their concepts almost everytime. They are very inspiring and artistic, into every ways. Make up, fashion, facial, atmosphere, voices, hair... They are one the band that is the less boring to watch and follow about. Those ladies have that chic thing. Fashionable and rock side, with that glamour and femme fatale another side, while they can be so simple and casual.
If you don't know much about them instead of Abracadabra, just go their youtube and check few teaser of videos, you may notice alot of interesting details.

What I like about Hotshot more than the song is how they are just casual and very fashionable in some kind of work atmosphere. They just look very nice and cute and inspiring.

A very good looking teaser with such a kind of basic atmosphere
 that they turned to their universe. It ends to not be that boring 
even tho the "love and hot and girly independant bomb" kind of
thing has been done so many times in kpop.

What I like about this one is how it's not too much of 
after effects and how artst, peaceful, dark and beautiful
this looks. In it's own way. Like it's simple but pleasant.

They have that kind of universe I like. Something kind of mystic, dark and fashion, but also very chic, girly and well done. Even when they go solo they got different styles while keeping that BEG universe. But in my opinion their best music video is Sixth Sense. Not only because it's such good looking, but also because it's not like basic kpop video, it's really something artistically done, thought and sharing a message. It's the way I see it, tho. Something done to be beautiful but intelligent at some point. 

Take few times to enjoy more of their videos and just like their dark universe that I like so much.

jeudi 7 mars 2013

Today I've been doing a new shooting. This is one of my favorite work so far, I'm so happy to share it with you guys, I hope you will appreciate it as much as I do. The make up is stunning, the hair is looking great, the facial and the background were doing such an atmosphere. I will just let you "take the temperature" with few previews of it. Let me know on facebook or tumblr if you already like it ? It's portraits work again, as conceptual as animalism I think but in a very different way with some fashion and oriental influence.

At the end of the photoshoot, I took a picture with the model who is actually my best friend. (You can notice the necklace already usefull) This spoil the second outfit and the little change in the hair and make up. We look great next to each other. That atsmophere is very warm and catchy. I'm impatient to upload it all.

Don't forget to subscribe the page on the side if you support me.

Fashion update

You may have noticed the recent top item, the short necklace. I was looking for one for so long before it came out in every shop. So basically the one I loved the most was from H&M. After I bought it I saw it in Nu'Est's video so it's definitely a top necklace. It match alot of styles and outfits and is not too bad quality. I used to wear it alot. You can notice by the metalic part haha. But recently, I've found a new one that is kinda the same idea so I would share it with you. A sort of review ?

First of all, the other one has a plastic part that gives a very fashionable part, I mean for my taste it looks very good. With a shirt, with a t-shirt anything, that necklace can look good almost everywhere. About the new one, it's a bit more textured and catchy. It looks a bit more massive ? idk I've found it in Zara for almost 17€. Not too expensive, I think. It seems to be good quality. To me it's worth it. It's not too short or too tight around the neck. For the review, I'll add it's black with a metalic part on, so it's very chic but still edgy. It's perfect for a dolly and dark style and pretty close to the other one but different enough to look fresh. I like the stud-ish holes things ? I had to buy it and I'll recommend it to anyone who liked that style. I'll post outfits with it, soon, probably. Anyways i'll let you check it out.

mercredi 6 mars 2013

Fashion update

So basically I've been complimented many times on my fashion sense which I don't think is very unique, it's just trying to figure out myself and my love for black clothes. It could look boring but I try to create and feel fresh everytime. I'm so glad people enjoy what I try. So lately I've been uploading two new outfits that seems to have good feedbacks so let's share them in here. 

I'll give few tips about these looks and general.
I always keep on mind to try to chose not too expensive clothes, only few special pieces that I can mix up alot of others  things that I can create alot and buy new clothes quite often. For example that first outfit includes a shirt which was on sales in New Look, a sweater from Zara, a hat from H&M, a huge and low pants that my mom gave to me. A pair of boots that I got in like flea for 5€ then I added studs. And my baby love bag. If you try to analysis with me that outfit, it's Japanese street snaps inspired adapted to my taste, based on black love. I tried some material matchings, studs matching details with shoes and shoulders that structures and gives somes details to the look, a hat for a chic detail with the shirt. I chose the shirt white and not black to have like a bright detail, plus you can't see but it has like tiny skull head printed on that looks pretty cool. It's cool for some casual day or school day. Not too much but much enough ?