vendredi 15 mars 2013

Music and Inspiration

Brown eyed girl.

Through all the kpop there's one band that got me into their concepts almost everytime. They are very inspiring and artistic, into every ways. Make up, fashion, facial, atmosphere, voices, hair... They are one the band that is the less boring to watch and follow about. Those ladies have that chic thing. Fashionable and rock side, with that glamour and femme fatale another side, while they can be so simple and casual.
If you don't know much about them instead of Abracadabra, just go their youtube and check few teaser of videos, you may notice alot of interesting details.

What I like about Hotshot more than the song is how they are just casual and very fashionable in some kind of work atmosphere. They just look very nice and cute and inspiring.

A very good looking teaser with such a kind of basic atmosphere
 that they turned to their universe. It ends to not be that boring 
even tho the "love and hot and girly independant bomb" kind of
thing has been done so many times in kpop.

What I like about this one is how it's not too much of 
after effects and how artst, peaceful, dark and beautiful
this looks. In it's own way. Like it's simple but pleasant.

They have that kind of universe I like. Something kind of mystic, dark and fashion, but also very chic, girly and well done. Even when they go solo they got different styles while keeping that BEG universe. But in my opinion their best music video is Sixth Sense. Not only because it's such good looking, but also because it's not like basic kpop video, it's really something artistically done, thought and sharing a message. It's the way I see it, tho. Something done to be beautiful but intelligent at some point. 

Take few times to enjoy more of their videos and just like their dark universe that I like so much.

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