jeudi 7 mars 2013

Today I've been doing a new shooting. This is one of my favorite work so far, I'm so happy to share it with you guys, I hope you will appreciate it as much as I do. The make up is stunning, the hair is looking great, the facial and the background were doing such an atmosphere. I will just let you "take the temperature" with few previews of it. Let me know on facebook or tumblr if you already like it ? It's portraits work again, as conceptual as animalism I think but in a very different way with some fashion and oriental influence.

At the end of the photoshoot, I took a picture with the model who is actually my best friend. (You can notice the necklace already usefull) This spoil the second outfit and the little change in the hair and make up. We look great next to each other. That atsmophere is very warm and catchy. I'm impatient to upload it all.

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