jeudi 7 mars 2013

Fashion update

You may have noticed the recent top item, the short necklace. I was looking for one for so long before it came out in every shop. So basically the one I loved the most was from H&M. After I bought it I saw it in Nu'Est's video so it's definitely a top necklace. It match alot of styles and outfits and is not too bad quality. I used to wear it alot. You can notice by the metalic part haha. But recently, I've found a new one that is kinda the same idea so I would share it with you. A sort of review ?

First of all, the other one has a plastic part that gives a very fashionable part, I mean for my taste it looks very good. With a shirt, with a t-shirt anything, that necklace can look good almost everywhere. About the new one, it's a bit more textured and catchy. It looks a bit more massive ? idk I've found it in Zara for almost 17€. Not too expensive, I think. It seems to be good quality. To me it's worth it. It's not too short or too tight around the neck. For the review, I'll add it's black with a metalic part on, so it's very chic but still edgy. It's perfect for a dolly and dark style and pretty close to the other one but different enough to look fresh. I like the stud-ish holes things ? I had to buy it and I'll recommend it to anyone who liked that style. I'll post outfits with it, soon, probably. Anyways i'll let you check it out.

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