mercredi 6 mars 2013

Fashion update

So basically I've been complimented many times on my fashion sense which I don't think is very unique, it's just trying to figure out myself and my love for black clothes. It could look boring but I try to create and feel fresh everytime. I'm so glad people enjoy what I try. So lately I've been uploading two new outfits that seems to have good feedbacks so let's share them in here. 

I'll give few tips about these looks and general.
I always keep on mind to try to chose not too expensive clothes, only few special pieces that I can mix up alot of others  things that I can create alot and buy new clothes quite often. For example that first outfit includes a shirt which was on sales in New Look, a sweater from Zara, a hat from H&M, a huge and low pants that my mom gave to me. A pair of boots that I got in like flea for 5€ then I added studs. And my baby love bag. If you try to analysis with me that outfit, it's Japanese street snaps inspired adapted to my taste, based on black love. I tried some material matchings, studs matching details with shoes and shoulders that structures and gives somes details to the look, a hat for a chic detail with the shirt. I chose the shirt white and not black to have like a bright detail, plus you can't see but it has like tiny skull head printed on that looks pretty cool. It's cool for some casual day or school day. Not too much but much enough ?


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