mercredi 12 juin 2013

End of school

The end of the year is coming really soon and I'm all done with all the projects and work. I did my best until the end tho and I'm glad it's over. But also, i'm so sad it is, because all the friends i've been meeting this year are going anywhere, far or not, but we're all separated and I have to admit it : It was probably my best school year so far since I've been to school. Art school is just my thing I guess, but also all the people and personnality i've been meeting. What have grown into me, how mature i've became and how I changed. How my sensibility gained a level and the capacity to face problems and joy. 
I am really happy this year turned this way and I feel really bigger that I've been through it. I would like that it last longer, but it's time now to turn a page and go fight for my own future since I've been chosing and working to join Fashion Design. 

The last two weeks of the year was a special project in the major we all applied for, so basically I was doing fashion design only for two weeks. Here are some picture from my Instagram (@TheJupitarian) of what i've been doing. It was my first time sewing and all so i'm not disapointed by myself and tried my best.

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