lundi 2 septembre 2013

Infinight and I started a youtube channel.


As you may have noticed, I had this project to do someday a youtube channel. This is now something I made with a friend. I don't know, I didn't feel like making this on my own.
Basically we started with a shooting film video which was something I also wanted to do since a long time. It wasn't too bad, in my opinion something we can now try to extend a get better time after time. For the moment, we didn't feel like talking because as you know we are french and our accent got us a bit ashamed. But that will come, soon enough. We continued our youtube channel with some black and white random vlog. Nothing brilliant but it's just some other try. If you feel like we worth viewing then go and share, subscribe and wait for the best to come.

Check out my friend, her blog is one of my fav and basically we are black addicts friends you know.
And check out right here our youtube channel. What's about to come ? Reviews, more vlogs, blabling, our advices shares and fashion stuffs and things like that. 

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