mercredi 20 février 2013

Custom some sneakers

Today, some fashion update. I used to have these VANS sneakers that I was bored to wear. For like a year i've let them in a corner, so dirty and ugly. But after I saw so many cool sneakers and wanted a pair too, I decided to have a look at them and tried a little custom.
Nothing very unique or too special but the result really please me so I decided to share, maybe it would help you try it too.

So I used a basic white acrylic that I already used before to custom some t-shirts, it's staying quite well on materials. So I used the pure white one with a bit of water to make it easy to paint even tho I would have to paint two layers.

This is how the sneakers looked like before, it used to be white but it turned 
gray cause of rain and time and all so i'm giving them a new life.

Here I show you how it looks like when I started to paint on it, even 
after the first layer it's not that bad. But you really need a first layer, 
vertical and a second one horizontal, to make it very covering and stay.

After a quick work, I would say you need like 40 mins to do them regarding the dry time and the precise work, you need to be careful and  thorough. I think the result is simple, pure and good looking. They look more fashionable and easy to wear and very clean and neat. I think you can try to buy some high sneakers here or there for a cheap price and try to give them a second life, it worth it.

A little tip once you're done, to make it stronger and be sure it stays, you can put a final layer of white spray paint, that thing to cover wall or whatever... It protects a bit more and cover.

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  1. wow this is very simple and creative! you made it look brand new! well done ^_^