mardi 12 février 2013

The last day (Last part)

The concert was during saturday but my train was on Sunday 10pm so we had to keep ourselves busy until the night. And you know what ? Sunday is like the dead day ! Any shop is closed and all. So we took our time to wake up. -If you want to laugh over a funny point, here is one. My iphone is broken like the screen is exploded and it's white, but everything is working well instead of that. And the saturday we got our alarm at 7:30am. On sunday when we wanted to sleep a bit, the alarm turned on and I couldn't do anything to stop it until the phone ran out of battery. We were laughing to tears early in the morning.- 
Anyways, we cleaned all our room and left it at 12. We planned to eat in the asian district in Paris so that's what we did. We took our time to carefully chose a restaurant and we spent a very good time while eating.

We are silly guys.

But after we ate our cool tasty and delicious dinner, what to do ? 
There was Kyary in concert like down our hotel but we didn't want to risk to miss our train so we had to skip it. We were freezing outside since it was starting to snow. So random and lucky fact, there was an asian event in Paris not too far, called Paris Mangas. We didn't know, but it was luck. Basically alot of asians stuff and activities to do. What a perfect plan for a boring end of day..

The program was quite cool, we could walk around there, visit and check out some fanboy stuffs. Meet few people we already met in others convention before. Some fashion shops. I'll drop few links here..
The Rollips brand head stuff :
Some fashion shop :
Official fanbase goodies from korea :

My friend could buy some quality posters and we saw the french champion of Soul Calibur who is a (very beautiful) girl. Hehe ! Also we saw Satsuki, he is still cute. Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture with him. We kept walking around and checking stuff, talking here and there. Socializing is life. The koreaboo we are wanted to do some purikura even tho it was so expensive. So yeah...

Look at us, silly we are.

Through all those activities and time passing, I kept my polaroid camera by my side and never forget to take some, and there was that Japanese girl band, The SAYURa. They were so cute and adorable, we decided to take a picture with them even tho we never heard about their music. I personnally don't like it lol. But i'm like holding my pee pee on the picture srsly....

And with that band, there was that Pikachu asian fan who was seriously an real life anime cutie. 
We had to immortalise him with a polaroid.

This is how we spent our sunday and kept ourselves busy with the Paris Mangas event which was quite cool and funny. Even tho we spent alot of money the trip worthed it soooooo much, such memories and good moments, so much happiness. Everyone might think we only were some random fans having fun but we gave us a break from school for two days and totally had crazy fun in Paris. On the way back in our train we were looking at all our pictures and arguing about every single minutes, time went sooo fast. And wow... I'm glad we could be there at this time. This really "unexpected" way to spend our week-end made it perfect. Now let's go back to school.

TEEN TOP TRIP - Paris - 130208/09/10

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