mardi 12 février 2013

The concert is coming (Part 2)

After some very good and lucky morning shopping, things were going well and we went to the Teen Top's queue to wait for like 6 hours on the cold pavement. We met my friend from London, her colorfull hair and friends got everyone's eyes on us which was kinda funny. French people really sucks.
Well, the afternoon while waiting went quite quietly since we were freezing so hard. You know how it is, you talk, fan, eat and complain your ass. Just before us there was some Japanese fangirls, they followed Teen Top into London and Paris. We got to chat a bit with them. They were soooo adorable.

one of them flashed on our polaroid haha

The only bad point that is during the queue I got my Iphone stolen so it fell on the floor and it's all broken and dead. But anyways, too much good things happened idc. I was so nervous about my camera cause in France they care alot about big camera and usually don't permit them. I got mine hidden in my jacket LOL yolo². When I got in, with my camera I was so happy and ran into the crowd to get my place. We were like in the middle when the light turned out to start. Guess what ? Kpop fans are such crazy bitches. The begining was soooo scary, cause there was huge crowd moves and some people were falling down under our feet, that was just so scary. But after three or four songs it was better and even tho it was hot like fire, the only hotness was TEEN TOP. This was like the LOVELY HOURS of my life. 


It was going all well, like my videos and my pictures are my heaven memories. It was such a good time. I got to move from middle to the fourth line and I was so close. Since I'm tall I was just enjoying like a boss. I caught a silver streamer and got Ricky's attention who is my fav by waving so hard. If you can imagine that, you can laugh. He waved me back and smiled to me. I think I died at that moment [...]
No seriously, from the begining to the end, it was all perfect and fun. They are so great. 





The concert sadly ended with All you need is Love and their promise to be back in France. You better do. Maybe it's what they had to say, but anyways that was such a good time. I really want more. In the end, I could buy my Teen Top T-shirt, no shame. Lol. Guess what, their staff got to comment my outfit and I felt so speshuuul for a minute.

That is why I say I have so much feels about that day, because it was so intense and full of memories and exictation. I literally got so happy and so kfdsnfhbsdf. When the time to sleep came, I couldn't stop feeling happy and was just looking my pictures again and again. Happy new chinese year.

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