mardi 12 février 2013

In the morning (Part 1)

I have so much feels to share about the trip to Paris.
First of all, I got a new camera battery charger so I have lots of pic to upload.

I will try to make it clear. View from the hotel, cold in the morning. 

So basically this was from Friday night to Sunday night and it was full of intense moments, like you can easily guess if I made three posts. Let's get started. First point, the train to leave here was 30 minutes late so I was a cold ass on the station for the very begining. After two hours we arrived in Paris and had to find the hotel which is not easy when you don't know paris... but anyways we did right. And guess what ? The hotel was hopefully like 50meters away the Teen Top's concert venue !
The first night was like unpacking my shits and take care of my face like a princess I am. We also had to check our way for the saturday morning travel around Paris. That is where cool things are coming...

So, on Saturday morning we woke up early and got ready for the day and the concert (espcially for it tbh). We planned to visit KTZ shop in Paris. I just HAD to go there, I was dying to visit the tiny shop. And when we found out the shop, guess what... it was closed. All the hopes got teared apart. It would open at 12:30 am when we decided to join the concert's queue at 12. See the problem ? But yolo, we decided to be late on our program and wait until KTZ opens. Like I couldn't skip that place. That's how we patiently visited few others cool shops while waiting. Seriously I don't think I could ever be happy about do some shopping in my city after Paris. I bought a sweater. I randomly met a friend in a shop which is totally crazy to meet someone in Paris like that. Anyways, when that KTZ shop finally opened, we quickly went back to it and wonderland opened the doors to my eyes.

The KTZ shop is tiny but I think I could spend so much hours in it, I loved every single centimeters of it. I lurked any clothes and the jewelry for long time. The seller caught my eyes, he was so stylish. He was wearring jeremy scott pants. And he was just too kind, seriously. He offered me to try clothes for pleasure. Even tho I answered I didn't dare. After long minutes going here and there in the shop my friend was about to leave and we said bye but you know there was my dream ring right here and in the last second I turned back to just ask the price. The seller, you should have seen his face. How he knew I would do that, so much. So I tried few rings and a pin. He was like, everything is 50% off. I thought I was going crazy cause I could now buy my ring. I couldn't decide tho. I guess I am picky. The seller, adorable he was, said he would take a picture of my hands with his Iphone so I could see which one rock the best. I finally chose one, I have to admit the same as Key is my final choice. Haha what a fanboy. The seller offered my those huge kokontozai bags for just my ring. I think the stars in my eyes was too bright. He posted the picture of my hands on instagram with my blaze tagged. We were chatting for a moment because really he was a nice person. He took that polaroid of my friend and I in front of the shop, gentleman and we had to leave. Ktz got my heart. 

The final result of such a good morning in Paris.

After that shopping moment which ended by a tasty Bagel, we finally went so late in Teen Top's queue to join my friend who came from London to follow them in Europe... And when I say so late, I mean it.

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