mardi 5 février 2013


You know what ? Friday i'm leaving for Paris. There will be my boys in concert. I'm really debating with myself what to wear for the event and the whole week-end coming up with it. I feel so superficial. Whatever, i'm really wondering like a diva and expecting the concert so much. I am so excited and impatient to see them since it's one of my fav kpop band even tho many dislike them. I'm here for my boys in Paris. I've known them since I've heard Supa Luv on a radio long time ago and support them alot. They worked hard to get away from the boring teenagers image, even tho it stills be some part of them they grew up alot. The comeback with Crazy was probably the begining of the "more men" way they wanted to follow.

If you doubt about your fanboying/girling potential,
just watch that you can't just not fall in love.

So until now, I need to finish to prepare the expensive trip 
and will update alot about it while it's going on.

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